Thursday, 30 July 2009

Me Golden Bollocks...?

My previous cab's registration ended GBX. Two mates Silverchris & Carl aka L.c. Reckon it stands for Golden Bollocks eXtraordinaire.
Well last Saturday night about 1.30am I was sitting down on the paddington rank a solitary cab. When all of a sudden another Vito pulled up behind me. I took the opportunity to get out and ask him had he any problems with his doors. to which he replied a few.
Anyway I saw these two guys approaching from behind his cab. looking for a cab I asked them where they were going and the reply was Bayswater Stn. I wasnt too pleased but didn't let them know that. anyway by the time I got back to my cab there was two other punters Standing there asking to go to Maidenhead. In the name of playing the game I took the Bayswater. Gutted about how close I had come to getting a lovely Job. with silverchris & Londoncabby's, Golden Bollox's comment still ringing in my ear's, I was thinking yeah Golden Bollock's my arse. Cant wait to ring them up. Anyway I was just about to drop off at Bayswater station. When a Job popped up on my terminal Ladbroke grove police station As Directed. I was in going home mode and if the destination is known it should show it. Still reeling from how close Id come to a nice job I decide to take a chance & accepted the job up popped on my screen destination HASTINGS.
All of a sudden my whole demeanor changed. The two punters got out and apologised for such a short journey that time of night. "No problem my friend" I assured them. Straight on the phone to L.c To hear the usual reply Golden Bollocks strikes again.
Anyway on arrival at Ladbroke Grove police station. I went into the Reception To find a German guy Three sheets to the wind. Sat opposite a police constable trying to Extract from him where he was going to. So far all he knew was it was Hastings. The copper said to me just take him to Hastings and drop him off. He had £15 on him but had a credit card which had already been authorised by my radio circuit. I asked him had he a phone number in Hastings and he pulled out a blackberry phone from his pocket. too pissed to even be able to take the lock off it . Luckily I have one too. and eventually found his address in Hastings. Anyway after a couple of hours we arrived at his address in Hastings He got out and I Glanced in the back to make sure he had all his belongings to which were few. And made my merry way home around the M25 the biggest dilemma I had was do I go clockwise Or Anti clockwise. I checked the sat-nav which said it was 9miles longer Clockwise, but Anticlockwise Id have to pay the Dartford crossing toll. So I decided Clockwise it was. Sounds on and cruised all the way home. Anyway next day I opened the cab up to give it a good clean out after a Saturday night Fun and Frollicks. There are little cubby holes in the back of these cabs, that some people like to use as bins. It was then I noticed a wallet in one. On closer inspection I found it was the German guy's. After a little detective work I manged to get the telephone Number in Hastings. and found a Sober but frantic German guy that had lost all his credit cards and passport id in his wallet. somewhat relieved by the phone call, He also asked had I found an overcoat and attache case. Which I told him He'd never had in my company. Anyway I sent it special delivery the next day and tracked it all the way.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday on rate 3 I love it. Also there didn't seem to be many cabs out there tonight. Most of them Either spending the day with their family's. Or travelling like some I know to see the love of their lives.

Anyway a Good night work wise. Picked up these four guys in Charlotte street, Wanting to go to the White house hotel in Albany street. They were most impressed by the cab and enquired if they could hire me for the day tomorrow and how much. I Gave them an hourly price they were more than happy with. And a business card to call me If they wanted me. Whether anything comes from it remains to be seen though.

Not long after dropping off at the White house I picked up this guy in Rathbone place that wanted Brixton. He got out by the station in Brixton. It was around about Midnight by this time so I was looking to get a Radio Job home. So I headed back towards Vauxhall bridge. As I was coming around the Vauxhall one-way System I was Hailed by this young couple who asked for a price to Staines. So I got the postcode off them to ascertain the mileage from the Sat-nav. Times that by three and Hey Presto your price as near as dam it. They were happy and so was I, because I knew as soon as I dropped that it was around the M25 and home. O'Happy Days

The trip around the M25 was a real pleasure in the Vito it cruises effortlessly. Also I am beginning to notice the saving I'm making in fuel costs. Yes its safe to say its growing on me.

So to wrap it all up Id like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Not the usual Saturday Night Diplomacy

Saturdays nights driving a cab around the streets of London. Can often call for a bit of Diplomacy on behalf of the Cabbie. Humouring an aggressive drunk bending your ear with the biggest load of old crap that you re not even remotely interested in. "Yeah Yeah WoW thats Amazing, How cool is that". Agreeing with just about everything and anything with a Drunk Who's a Legend in his own mind.Is about as tedious as it Gets.

But what about when the Aggression comes from a stone cold sober. Officer of the diplomatic police force. Who's bending your ear about the biggest load of old crap you've ever heard of.
Well that's exactly what happened to me tonight. I picked up a fare in Fulham road by Bibendum's Two guys going to Nizomi's in Beauchamp place. I was chatting to Carlos at the time on my Hands free.
Who so happened to be coming down Beauchamp place in the opposite direction at the time.

As I was pulling up to drop off outside Nizomi's. I noticed a red Diplomatic police car behind me. So I made sure I pulled in tight to the kerb so he could pass without Hindrance. When I came to a halt I had the handbrake on within seconds and the doors open. All of a sudden the blue light came on with a quick burst of the siren. I thought he must of got an emergency call to answer.

But he pulled up alongside me blocking the road. And said to me what did I think I was up to. "Dropping off a fare" says I. "Well you shouldn't be stopping here" he says. "I'm doing my Job" I said. "Well you should stop somewhere else" "Like Where" He looks up and down the road and replies "Well you shouldn't stop here" I said " for a diplomatic Policeman your not being very Diplomatic". I think at that moment he realised How petty the whole thing was and he just drove off.

Carlos was able to see and hear everything And agreed How petty it all was.
Well it takes all sorts and with all the drunks about tonight. that was the only bit of trouble I had the whole night.
Anyway Be Lucky and Be Safe.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

More of the Vito

In the rear On both sides,,,,,This a cup Holder on the left And an Ashtray on Right.
In the rear both sides........... A twelve Volt power point for those Laptops/Mobile phones.

And In the front........................ The handbrake/Foot brake

The headlight switch on Top. Underneath that the switch to operate the rear steering. And below that the Handle you have to pull to release the Handbrake.

This is the rear Window fully Opened.

Using the Wheelchair ramp Part I

Using the Wheelchair ramp part II

Friday, 10 April 2009

Interior Photo's of my new Vito

Not a very good photo. I will have to take again in daylight.
This was taken with the door open.

This second one shows the rear Three seats. The Interior is very similar to the Tx4

And the three tip seats.

Check out the leather drivers seat. Fitted as standard in the Vito.

And the cockpit. The little Button Right of the steering wheel Underneath the headlight switch. Is the one you have to press to operate the rear steer.